Stay faithful during marriage

By Chris Schmaedeke: QCS managing editor

One of the biggest news stories of late has been the circus that has followed golfer Tiger Woods getting in a car accident in the early hours of the day after Thanksgiving.

But that was only the beginning of it. Since the car crash, a lot of stories have come out about Woods and his wife. The main ones that bother me are those alleging he has cheated on his wife.

Cheating on your wife is wrong.

I said it. I believe it. I stick by it.

Taking a vow of marriage, something I did about six weeks ago, means being faithful. And if you are a high-profile star athlete or a regular guy you should not break that vow.

When did cheating becoming no big deal? It just seems to be the way of the world now. Cheating just seems to be something people do for reasons I just don’t get.

If you are not ready to settle down with one woman for the rest of your life then don’t get married.

I have no problem with people who want to live the life of not settling down. You can live the party life all you want before settling down. Maybe during that partying single life you can meet the person you want to marry. Who knows.

I am sure that marriage is not for everyone and guys and girls need to realize that. Don’t jump into marriage too young when you cannot be ready to be a faithful man.

No matter who the person is or what the reason is, the aspect of cheating on your spouse gets under my skin. Temptation is not a good excuse. Having a lot of money, like so many professional athletes, is not a good excuse. Having a troublesome relationship or marriage is not a good excuse.

For research purposes I decided to ask my wife what she would do if she found out I cheated on her. I cannot print her answer. Let’s just say going after me with a golf club, like some allege Woods’ wife did to him that night of the accident, was a lot more civilized.

There is an easy solution: Guys, don’t cheat on your wife. Ladies, don’t cheat on your husband. Take your vow seriously. Make your marriage mean something. Don’t jeopardize your vow for anything. Stay faithful to your spouse no matter the situation. You took the vow to be with that person for the rest of your life. Honor that vow and make it mean something.

So as more and more of these allegations come out about this situation, the more and more disgust I feel. If you have a wife and family then you should be a husband and a dad — not a guy out on the town like you are single.

Chris Schmaedeke is managing editor of the Quay County Sun. Contact him at 461-1952 or by e-mail: