Basketball crowds full of fun

By Chris Schmaedeke, QCS managing editor

Basketball season is under way for all high schools in Quay County.

I have had a chance to watch the counties’ teams play on more than one occasion. These trips to the gym remind me how fun and exciting the game of basketball can be.

Basketball is fast paced and quick moving. It keeps the crowd involved every second and really has no downtime. The crowd can really make a basketball game, especially on the high school level.

At all the games I have been to the crowd has been loud and into the game to the very last second. They’ve cheered and jeered as their team was on the floor. They made the game what it was.

I played basketball all through my school years. Whether it was a summer league game with fans watching or a game outside with friends with girls that “liked us” watching or even shooting in the back yard with my brothers with our mom cheering us on, it was the crowd that helped the game be more fun than it already was.

I have covered two tournaments in the last couple of weeks — one at Grady High School in which Tucumcari was involved, and one at Logan High School, which had Logan and San Jon playing in it. The crowds were big and loud even if the games were played in the middle of the day, like they were in Logan.

The crowd noise made me want to grab a pair of shorts and go out there and try to hit a couple threes — which would probably not go in since I was never known for my outside shooting.

Crowds can make or break any sporting event, but basketball is a different atmosphere. Football crowds are rowdy and loud but the fact that the game is outside makes it seem less noisy than a basketball game. The gym creates the echo that makes the crowd seem louder. I know I loved a loud crowd when I played and kids seem to feed off of it.

I am sure some would say there is nothing like a high school football game. And yes I agree high school football is a great atmosphere as well. Places like Tucumcari and Logan rally around their football teams and give them the support they need. Basketball gets the same support from the town.

Try to make the opposing team hate coming to your gym. Be loud and crazy but yet under control. Cheer on your son or daughter or just cheer on your town’s team.

So next time you have a free night and your local team is playing, go and check them out. You will be in for an experience that you might remember for a long time.