Quite a sight to see

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

One area woman’s love of woodworking has helped another woman’s passion for celebrating their favorite holiday season.

If you drive by Joy Young’s residence at night you might notice a large nativity scene located a few feet from her home. This life-size scene was constructed by her friend and neighbor, 71-year-old Ruth Sen Senig.

“I took the patterns to church with me and Joy said she simply must have it,” Sen Senig said. “It is a work in progress. I still need to add the wise men and camels.”

Young said she looks forward to completing the set. She said at night she sometimes walks out or parks the car near the scene and just looks at it.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday,” Young said. “Having the nativity scene has made this year even better.”

The two ladies live miles apart on different county roads but both share pride and enjoy the Nativity scene.

“I have enjoyed this immensely,” Young said. “It is a very impressive hand made scene.”

“I am proud of the nativity scene,” Sen Senig said. “For me it is the joy and work that I put into making them.”

Sen Senig said she began making birdhouses, signs and large wood animals in 1994. She said it all began with a small hobby horse she wanted to cut out.

“My husband Robert, ‘Tex’, said I could not cut out the horse,” Sen Senig said. “So I went out to the shop and proved him wrong.”

Sen Senig said she spends as much time out in that shop with her dog “Sally ” keeping her company and her husband checking in on her from time-to-time.

“I suffered a heart attack in 2003,” Sen Senig said. “It slowed me down, but I am back out here doing what I enjoy to do.”

All around Sen Senig’s home you will find evidence of her passion and wood working. From eagles in the shop, to bird houses on the trees and fence post.

“I am an outside person,” Sen Senig said. “I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.”