Small-town atmosphere helps create magical Christmas spirit

By Lynn Moncus

For some reason, finding the Christmas spirit was a bit slow this year, but last Wednesday, Nancy Napier and Betty Sanders, two of my classmates, took care of that and made me realize just how important this season is and just how important our lasting friendships are.

Nancy invited the two of us to meet her for lunch at Del’s so we could catch up on the latest news and so we could be together for a while just to enjoy each other’s company. As we visited, we were interrupted constantly by friends and former students. More people from town, the county, Portales, and other points of interest also chose that day to have lunch and to visit.

As I listened to my two classmates, I recalled our years in school and the fun we had. We were especially close from junior high though high school and have remained so since 1952. We laughed and talked about our ages and the changes in our appearances, but we really were seeing each other as we had during those long ago years.

As each friend and former student stopped to visit and to wish us a Merry Christmas, I began to feel the glow of the season and to know the importance of the love we can feel only when we are at home and are surrounded by such people. Some of my students brought tears to my eyes as they expressed their love and made me know that we had great times during their school years. Some of the old friends also brushed the emotions that were on my sleeve and caused me to feel privileged to know them and to be greeted by them so warmly.

Where else but in a small town could we be greeted so warmly and be surrounded by so many friends? If we can’t find the Christmas spirit in such a setting, we really are in trouble. Of course, the spirit is always there, but some of us have to be made aware of its presence at times.

That noon hour was magical as it transformed a few of those lost feelings that show up into feelings of continuity. As I looked at one “boy,” whom I had known since his birth 69 years ago, I was also reminded of his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Such continuity is very important to those of us who need a place to call home. Aren’t we lucky to have such a place? –

May each of you have a most blessed Christmas and know just how fortunate we all are to have such friends with whom to enjoy the season.

Lynn Moncus is a long time Tucumcari resident. Contact her at 575-461-1952.