Stay positive with your resolutions

By Lynn Moncus

As we begin another year and another decade, we can but wonder what the future holds. We can always hope for the best and learn to take whatever comes along. We can even make plans if we so desire, or we can meet each day as it comes. We can look forward to meeting and greeting friends and can look backward to recall the times that were.

A number of people have mentioned that they once made new year’s resolutions, but that they no longer do so because they have learned that such resolutions tend to be broken before they have a chance to be seen to fruition. Being the rather slow person from the canyons, I have never made resolutions because I prefer to see what can be done each day. As a child, I did much dreaming and planning in order to try to see that a happy future could come about.

As I look back at some of those dreams, I am aware that many of them have come true during all these years. Of course, the major dream was to go to school, and a major plan had to do with becoming a teacher. Obviously, both of those came true. After doing some higher arithmetic, I just figured out that I began the reality of that dream in 1940 – seventy years ago this coming fall – and it started at Central School, now Tucumcari Historical Museum. No wonder, some people think I’m one of the exhibits there!

The plan to become a teacher took a few years to turn into reality in fact,that plan wavered a few times as other professions landed in the foreground. Once those were removed, the main problem seemed to be what subject to choose. Those plans changed fairly often until my senior year at THS when I decided that English had to be that subject. That was a good choice because it gave me a chance to meet so many wonderful students of all ages.

As you have read along, you have probably been thinking about your plans and dreams, as well as about the coming year and decade. You made your decisions much as I did, sometimes even by accident. You may have organized your lives far better than I, but I’d challenge you to say you have had more fun during all these years. If you still choose to make resolutions, go right ahead and enjoy keeping or breaking each one. Let’s just meet at the end of the year and exchange our ideas as to the positive things that have happened each time we have changed the calendar for the month. Let’s just enjoy each day as much as possible, and most particularly, let’s enjoy our friends.

Lynn Moncus is a long time resident at Tucumcari. Contact her at 575-461-1952