Writing something can be simpler than typing it

By Lynn Moncus

Although this woman from lma isn’t apt to become comfortable in what we call the “Computer Age,” I hope I can still enjoy the humor, especially when dealing with the sales people in the various computer companies.

Last week, for instance, I was trying to order something from one of the well known companies and had a number of laughs at the expense of the young man who was trying so hard to sell the item. First of all, I was delighted when I finally reached a real live person with whom to talk. So often by the time that happens, if it happens at all, I am apt to have forgotten why I made the call to begin with.

What should have taken no more than five minutes, including a little visiting time, took almost an hour. What would have taken that same five minutes when people put pen to paper to take orders for products during the dark ages, took almost an hour.

Of course, I was particularly delighted because I was dealing with a company that wouldn’t even think of selling the brand of computer I use. That allowed me to make a few casual remarks about the differences between our computers. Yes the salesman was having major problems getting his computer to cooperate even when he was telling me about the joys of having the new program we see advertised so much these days.

After the first half-hour of his efforts, he said he would call me back so I wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced further. I refused that offer because I don’t exactly trust those who say they will call back and because if I had to call that company again for the same product, I might not even reach a live person. I explained the amount of patience I have when I am enjoying an experience. He kept saying he couldn’t believe that his computer was causing so much trouble. We then discussed how much easier his job would be were he working with a computer like mine. He tried to explain how much less his cost, at which point I mentioned that we usually get what we pay for. That seemed to cause a pause for a few minutes until he could catch his breath and start the order all over again.

We did a lot of visiting while he kept trying to do his work, and I learned much about him, especially that he had a degree in English. Naturally, I congratulated him for that and said he could use the knowledge of that language to do a little extra writing on a computer like mine. He then began to explain the complexities of the programs he had available. That was all I needed to come back with the notion that simplicity limits confusion and clogs on lessor computers.

Such experiences really delight this country person who has such limited knowledge of computers and makes me more aware than ever that I was fortunate to be born before the computer age at a time when life was simple and doing business with big companies was also simple. We could tend to business in a timely manner and not have to listen to excuses that the computer wasn’t working. A pen might have run out of ink, but a full pen was near at hand!

Lynn Moncus is a long time Tucumcari resident. Contact her at: 575-461-1952