Burch brings experience to Tucumcari High School

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The new acting principal of Tucumcari High School is focusing on reaching out to the students and community to create a better education experience.

Since he started Jan. 11, Jack Burch said he has been meeting and getting to know staff and students.

Burch said his main goal is involving parents and the community.

“I agree with the slogan ‘TEAM’.” Burch said. “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

He said involving parents is critical.

“Parents know just how important education is today,” Burch said. “While the student might be reluctant at first to accept the help, with the advise of the school and support of the parents we can help the child.”

Friday, Burch portrayed “Rattler Man” during the homecoming pep rally. He wore a purple shirt with a Rattler logo on his chest. He spoke to the students, urging them to do well in their courses. He also led them in cheers displaying his own school spirit.

“We are the Tucumcari Rattlers,” Burch said. “We need to represent school spirit to the fullest at home and abroad.”

“Mr. Burch is doing an outstanding job,” said Aaron McKinney, Tucumcari superintendent. “We are very fortunate to have found Mr. Burch at this time in the year.”

McKinney said Burch brings experience and knowledge.

Burch retired as the superintendent of Elida Schools in January 2009. He has 14 years education experience and holds a masters degree in education administration from Eastern New Mexico University.

“I want to make sure this ship is sailing in the right direction,” Burch said.