Being snowed it causes plenty of enjoyable time

By Lynn Moncus

How many of us didn’t believe the weather reports last week when the forecasters told us we were going to have a snowstorm? We just thought we were kidding each other when we said we might not be together again until spring.

Although we have certainly had deeper drifts in the past, one of us had never been almost trapped in the house before. When I couldn’t open the front door because of the drift on the porch, I thought I should be able to open the side door. Of course, I wasn’t using much logic with that thought because that door also faces east! Fortunately before I began to get upset, I found that I could open the back door by shoving some of the snow aside.

Aggie was in a real state of shock because she had never been in such deep snow before and looked at me as if it were my fault. We then had a great time while shoveling a trail to the garage just to have something to do because even I wasn’t about to try to drive during that blizzard. Aggie decided that rolling in the snow was fun and managed to carry a lot of it into the house with her so she could be toweled off and have another runaway.

When the sun began to shine on Friday, this woman from lma began to perk up even if I didn’t have the nerve to try to slide around on the icy streets. Just seeing the bright light lifted the spirits and allowed me to appreciate the beauty that covered us. Despite the depth and the momentary inconvenience, the white landscape made me award of the joy of living in this “land of enchantment.” It also reminded me of the hardships that arise for those who live on the land or who are traveling only to be unable to move ahead.

Of course, I pictured the canyons covered in sparkling white and remembered the work that had to be done to see that everything was safe. Somehow, I could almost hear the chunking of the dipper as it hit the ice in the water bucket in the kitchen in those canyons. That also meant that ice was even thicker on the water barrel at the spring, and that ice would have to be broken on the various stock tanks in the pastures.

Before thinking of further ways to be faced with bone chilling cold, I decided to spend much time reading, writing, and enjoying the idea that I could at least get out into the backyard in the event I began to feel too closed in. Now, I’m wondering if we should believe that more snow is to fall before this is published. We’ll just see what happens and take whatever comes along.