Locals donate shoes to help residents of Haiti

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The New Mexico State Police in Tucumcari, Casa De La Hope and area Subways are taking part in the donation of shoes for Haiti residents affected by last month’s earthquake.

“We have received a donation of 300 pair of shoes,” said Noreen Hendrickson, New Mexico State Police dispatcher, on Tuesday. “They came from Casa De La Hope In Tucumcari.”

Hendrickson said this all began when she saw the Soles4Souls collection being done by the Department of Public Safety in Santa Fe.

“I contacted Capt. Jimmy Glascock to approve a donation here in Tucumcari,” Hendrickson said. “He approved the donation on Monday night.”

Hendrickson said her husband Jack looked through the shoes donated by Casa De La Hope Tuesday afternoon. She said Jack looked through the shoes to make sure they were the proper type to send and no open toe shoes were sent.

“The shoes needed are work boots, sneakers, walking shoes and children’s shoes of any sizes,” Hendrickson said.

Subway Restaurants in Tucumcari and Logan are also accepting shoes donations until 5 p.m. Wednesday, said Diane Morency, co-owner of the Subways, on Tuesday.

Morency’s husband Jean, lived in Haiti and has family that lives there now. She said his family is doing well and has chosen to remain there to help in the relief work.

“This is a tangible way for the community to help,” Morency said.

Morecny said she has seen people on the news in Haiti walking through the debris with no shoes.

“My husband told me before the earthquake, many people had no shoes and now even more so,” Morency said.

Morency said she was contacted by the state police for help. She said she immediately wanted to help.

Shoe donations will be taken until 9 a.m. Thursday morning at the New Mexico State Police building located at 3024 S. 2nd Street.

“We have to allow time for the shoes to be taken to Santa Fe,” Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson said if you can not drop the shoes off people can contact her at 403-5095 and pickup will be arraigned.

Hendrickson said the shoes will be collected at the DPS Human Resources Bureau in Santa Fe at noon on Thursday.

She said from there they will delivered to the Sangre de Cristo Water Company on San Mateo where the Soles4Souls trucks will make their pick-up and ship to Haiti.