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Your name: Stephanie Schmaedeke

Your profession: Before moving to New Mexico I worked as teacher’s assistant for kids with disabilities. Right now I’m temporarily helping out at the Quay County Sun.

Your age: 29 Hometown: Westminster, Colo. Your family: Husband- Chris Schmaedeke, 30. No children yet but I’m hoping that will change…Perfect day: I’d start with a Starbuck’s white mocha! Mom & I would see a cheesy romance matinee. I’d spend the day shopping with friends on a bottomless wallet. Have a night on the town with my hubby for dinner & dancing! Then curl up with my cat & a good book before bed. Your pets: My cat, Bear, is black but I’m convinced she’s a good luck charm. I’ve had her for 12 years and spoil her to no end. She’s also my protector – many a pizza man has run away screaming. It took awhile but she finally came around to my husband. Your theme song: “Won’t Back Down” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Most people wouldn’t guess because I’m usually so nice & quiet. But I learned a long time ago others will walk all over you if you let them. It’s a fine line but you have to be true to your own character.Quay county: Small towns can be hard for a newcomer. I miss the restaurants & shopping in Denver. But theres a feeling of community here. People are very friendly, they hold open the door & stop each other on the street to say hello. Not something you see in the city. Favorite entertainer: Conan O’Brien. I was pretty upset on his behalf that he got cut from the Tonight Show. How can you not love a guy with big poofy red hair like that? Most embarassing moment: When I first turned 21 I used to love going dancing with my girlfriends. I thought I was pretty hot stuff in my tight little pants on the dance floor…right up until I split a seam down the back of my britches! Childhood story: I grew up in the country with my brother. My parents didn’t believe in just sitting around and watching t.v. so we had to use our imagination. I remember building the Starship Enterprise on my dad’s trailerbed using all the scrap materials we could find. Story about Mom and Dad: Recently I got married. My dad practiced & practiced so he could play his guitar & sing “Butterfly Kisses” at the reception. Neither one of us is good with showing emotions so this was a very special moment for me and I really had to hold back the tears. World better place: There are two things I really care about – education and women’s rights. I would use the money towards developing facilities to help children with disabilities receive a better education, and create shelters and programs for women who’ve been abused. If I could do anything, I would: Travel around the globe, see the Seven Wonders of the World and anything else there is to see. Preferably by boat. Greatest fear: FLYING! I used to love it but ever since 9/11 I’ve developed a fear of crashing. Greatest hope: That people will realize it’s okay to be different. What’s important is being kind. Favorite taste: Chocolate. Favorite smell: Coffee.Favorite part of job: As a TA I’ve seen some difficult cases. One student really gave me a hard time, literally pulling out my hair on a weekly basis. After months of working together we built up some trust & had a lot of fun. Seeing how far they had come was a great feeling. Met your spouse: A mutual friend set us up on a blind date. Our first date was a little awkward. But the sparks began to fly on the second date when our competitive sides were showing after a heated game of miniature golf. Most prized possession: My husband Chris is the greatest guy I know. He’s a little tightly wound but only because he cares so much about everything he does. I don’t really think of him as a possession but he’s definitely the best thing I have in my life.