Don’t wait for weather to storm

by Leonard Lauriault

Our nation has faced some difficult times this century. Recession, terrorism, war, even the weather has been in the news. These are all among the storms of life that will continue until Jesus returns; although, they won’t be an indication that his return is imminent (Mathew 24: 3-8).

Still, we are to always be ready (Matthew 24: 36-44; Romans 13: 11).

Anyway, the prevailing tactic when faced with trouble is to hunker down and weather the storm. Jesus showed us the better response when he calmed the storm as described in Mark 4: 35-41.

First, like houses that have been exposed to the storms of time, the disciples were being weathered by the storm and feared going under (Luke 6: 46-49). Jesus, on the other hand, appeared totally oblivious to the situation. As the all-knowing God, I’m sure he knew and cared greatly for the disciples in their plight, but he also could be at peace knowing who was in control (John 13: 3; Psalm 121: 1-8).

Second, when Jesus was called upon for help, he stormed the weather, making it submit to his will. We need to realize that because God watches over his children (Israel: Galatians 6: 16; Romans 9: 8; Philippians 3: 3; Galatians 3: 26-29; Colossians 2: 11, 12; Romans 2: 28, 29), we have his power to overcome the forces that are against us (Romans 8: 31, 32; Philippians 4: 13; Revelation 12: 10-12). All we have to do is storm the weather by resisting the devil (James 4: 7).

Resisting may sound more like weathering the storm than storming the weather; however, this resistance leads to victory through our faith in Jesus that results in peace (1 John 4: 4; 5: 1-5; John 16: 33). We storm the weather by taking each assaulting thought captive to Christ, thereby conquering the devil (2 Corinthians 10: 4, 5).

A third lesson for us from Mark 4: 35-41 is that the disciples recognized that Jesus had stormed the weather demonstrating power over wind and wave (verse 41). Because Jesus can do that – control nature – and because he has defeated Satan, taking away his power over us in death (Hebrews 2: 14, 15), we need not fear anything in this life or the next. All we need to do is remember who we are and follow Jesus’ lead in storming the weather (Romans 8: 14-17; Mark 9: 23; 11: 22-25).

So, as we continue throughout this new year of 2010, which is already more than a tenth gone, let’s storm the weather, beating back the assaulting devil by coming closer to God. This also will keep us in a state of readiness as we look forward to Jesus’ appearing (2 Timothy 4: 6-8).

Leonard Leauriault is a member of the Church of Christ in Logan. Contact him at