All kinds of stories discussed with friend

By Lynn Moncus

Through these many years, we have often visited about the importance of having good friends and how very fortunate we are to live in a place in which we have so many friends of all ages. Being able to spend time with these friends certainly gives us full lives.

As often as possible, I really enjoy reminiscing with Mrs. Lucille Coleman because we surely speak the same language about the past and like to exchange stories about many of our experiences. We know we will spend much of our time laughing because each of us has rather funny stories to tell. Actually, I prefer to listen to her stories than to tell mine because hers contain much of the history of our county.

Last week, she provided a real surprise when she handed me pictures of the train wreck at Pajarito Creek that happened Aug. 29, 1933, and told me I could keep them. Her husband, Homer Coleman, had taken those pictures and had spoken of the wreck on numerous occasions as have so many of our older friends who remember that night vividly. After discussing that tragic event and the people who were lost, we went on to more uplifting subjects.

Mrs. Coleman often tells about her school days and the great times she had while learning. She attended several of our county schools and also a school or two in other parts of the state. She told about one of her younger sisters who refused to go to school unless she went with her. Because she accompanied her every day, members of the community decided she, as a junior in high school, would be qualified to teach in the grades. As a result, she became a teacher for a time and saw that her sister attended school regularly.

Mrs. Coleman and her daughter, Sandra, spend much of their spare time exploring our state and going on day trips in all directions. Each time we meet, they have another story to tell about their latest trips and usually make us listeners wish we had the energy to be that active.

If you ever want to learn a little about our history or just want to enjoy a good story about the past, take a few minutes to visit with Mrs. Coleman. She is an excellent resource person and certainly helps me fill in a lot of blanks.

Thank you, Lucille, for taking time to visit and for being such a good friend!