Weather throws unexpected change in life

By Debra Whittington

“…The LORD God made the earth and the heavens”

Genesis 2:4

People are taught to be self-reliant, although all you have to do is observe a toddler to see proof we are actually born with it. Just think about watching someone trying to put on a toddler’s shoes and the youngster has other ideas. “I do it!” they exclaim. In many instances it erupts into a temper-tantrum.

As adults we think we control our lives, but circumstances prove otherwise. Take for instance the recent weather in the United States and Canada. Why does snow fall in places it isn’t supposed to and doesn’t fall where it is expected? In the last month snow was reported in 49 of the 50 states while near Vancouver where they needed snow it was one of the warmest Januarys on record. While workers in Washington, D.C. resorted to dumping snow in the Potomac River, truckloads of snow were hauled in for the upcoming Olympics. I hear all the time about El Ni