Get to know the candidates

QCS staff

Voters will head to the polls on March 2 in Tucumcari. The QCS staff sat down with each candidate.

District 4

Thomas Even

1. Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for this office?

I believe a city needs to run like a business. I can provide the city with a change as the same people have been running the city and I feel I could present a change,

2. If elected, what changes do you plan for the Tucumcari?

I have a lot of ideas I would like to do. The biggest concern is the city’s budget. We have to sell our biggest product which is tourism. We have to find a way to do so.

3. What does being an elected official in Tucumcari mean to you?

I am a first timer and never been involved in politics so this is new to me.

4. What do you want the people of Tucumcari know about you?

I am a positive thinker, upbeat and very inquisitive.