Press release: Chamber produces “Song of Tucumcari” CD

Freedom New Mexico

Shortly after taking the Executive Director’s position at the Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce, Bob Beaulieu noticed there were a number of songs out there with a Tucumcari theme. Folk, pop, rock, country and even big band songs. Many were older professional tunes and some were by new amateur performers with Web sites.

Utilizing the expertise of a cooperative Chamber member, Danford Dan’s Music Shop, Beaulieu decided to create a CD that ended up with a total of 14 songs about Tucumcari.

“I don’t believe many communities, if any, can boast of having their own CD” said Beaulieu.

The Chamber of Commerce will sell the CDs to tourists and the locals as a Chamber fundraiser. In the beginning of the research, Beaulieu says he located half of the songs with a simple music search while the remainder required a little more time and effort.

Two of the songs have a similar title “Tucumcari Tonite” and “Tucumcari Tonight” which also happen to be the community’s motto. Dorothy Shay performs “Two Gun Harry from Tucumcari”, Andy Mason Sings “There’s Nothin’ to Eat in Tucumcari”, Michael Hearne’s “Two Miles Out of Tucumcari” is also included on the album along with pop singer Jimmy Rodgers, folk singer Jimmie Driftwood, and a group called the Colin Sphinctor Band, another called Proverbial Coolaid as well as a number ofothers.

The project involved securing recordings to transfer to the “Songs of Tucumcari” CD, contacting artists for permission to use their music for the fund raiser, and making certain licensing requirements were met. Many of the songs are old enough to be in the public domain.

Beaulieu states a few of the songs are silly, but most are great songs and the community will be proud.

The chamber has procured 1,000 CDs. The graphic designs were completed by Beaulieu right there at the chamber using Microsoft Publisher. The CDs will be available for purchase beginning March 18 at the chamber’s monthly business after hours event, which will take place at the Main Street Project office located at 207 S. Second St.

CDs will then be available at the chamber office as well as many coming community events.