Area residents developing food Co-op

Thomas Garcia

Area residents have joined together to create Tucumcari Food Cooperative, which plans to offer organic food to area shoppers.

The Co-op’s mission is to provide high quality, natural and organic products at the lowest prices possible, according to a press release.

“They will be offering a different type of natural food for the residents,” said Bobbye Rose, Tucumcari City Manager.

Rose said the Co-op may encourage more residents to shop locally. She said stimulating local sales and gross receipt taxes aids the area’s economy.

“Many people go out of town to buy groceries,” Rose said. “Competition is a good thing. We need variety in our community.”

The Co-op’s Board of Directors includes Drake Swenson, president; Catherine Priddy-Bugg, vice president; Carl Kallansrud, treasurer; Marie Nava, secretary; and Phillip Box, member.

According to the release, the Co-op is in the process of creating a membership and ordering process.

Swenson approached the Quay County Commission Feb. 22, asking to use the Quay County Fair Barn as a distribution point for the food.

“I have been meeting with the Co-op to set up a location to distribute the produce,” said Richard Primrose, Quay County Manager. “The Commission supports the Co-op.”

Swenson told commissioners any household wanting to access services could do so for an annual membership fee of only $15.

In the future the Co-op plans a membership drive and informational meeting, according to the release.

At the informational meeting residents will have a chance to preview order information and decide if Tucumcari Food Cooperative membership is right for them.