Watching nature come to life exciting

By Lynn Moncus: Comments from the Canyon

All that snow melting into the ground surely is giving us a colorful spring.

As we drive around town, we can admire various fruit trees in bloom and can really enjoy the lilac bushes. The latter have more clusters of blooms than usual and need to be seen while they last.

We can also see bright, yellow daffodils, and a few tulips bursting into bloom.

Watching nature come to life is one of the most exciting activities of the year.

Seeing the beauty just naturally clears away the dark clouds that sometimes gather in our minds during the winter months. As we admire that beauty, our thoughts become more pleasant than they have been for a while, and our hearts beat a little lighter.

By driving into the countryside, we can see the greening of the pastures and can pause to watch the young calves playing until they are tired. We can then see a baby sitter watching over them to be sure they are safe while they take their naps. We can also see a lot of the mothers lying quietly while chewing their cuds after having gorged themselves on the tender, green grass.

Of course, we can see the greening of the weeds in our yards. The wild mustard and dandelions are doing well as they pop up in the grass. For those of us who have been longing for the green, the weeds were welcome for a few minutes, but now we would like for them to be replaced by green grass and colorful flowers. Unfortunately, that requires effort on our part, and that effort is sometimes a bit hard to come by. At least, we can find a friend who will keep the weeds mowed and give us a chance to see something besides their blooms.

Watching the birds building their nests is also a pleasant activity. Some of them are very careful as they build; whereas, others seem to fling a few twigs onto a limb and hope they will remain in place during our wind storms. They don’t plan very well because some have already hit the ground on this corner. They need to study their engineering courses more carefully in order to learn to build secure homes for the young ones.

Actually, one nest in my yard already has three eggs and very busy parents watching over them. As always, I hope the neighborhood cats will stay in their own yards so that the little peeps can grow and prosper. Also, I hope the little ones will fall out of their nests while Aggie is not in the yard because I don’t want her bringing their remains to me to inspect.

Let’s just enjoy the new life and think pleasant thoughts as we drive around in our county admiring the surrounding beauty.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.