Police chiefs talks about changes, goals

QC Sun staff

Editor’s note: Jason Braziel was named Tucumcari’s police chief on April 7. He answered questions from Quay County Sun Staff Writer Thomas Garcia on Friday:

Q. What immediate changes have you made to the department?

A. On my first day as chief I changed the duty shifts of our officers from 12 hours to eight hours a day. This will allow us to make better use of the personnel and have more officers on the street to serve the public.

Q. What other issues will you address in the near future?

A. We need to restructure the department in order make better use of our officers and their strengths. We are going to streamline our entire process.

Q. What is the overall goal of this department?

A. To get back on track to serving the public. We want to concentrate on protecting and serving the community.

We are at full staff with 16 officers on duty including myself and one detective.

We are in the process of working on our overall budget. I plan to submit for additional funding for an officer to place at the high school to fill the school resource officer (SRO) position.

Serving as the SRO I feel that it did make a difference to have the department’s presence at the school. That is one program I would like to see (reinstated).

Q. What is the overall feel and attitude at the department since you have been named chief?

A. Everyone is working together to move forward in a positive direction. We all just want to put the negative behind us and concentrate on doing what is important to us all. To protect and serve the community.