Visiting with former students always a pleasure

By Lynn Moncus: Comments from the Canyons

We have visited much about former students through the years, and many of you have gathered that I have remained rather fond of them.

Not long ago, one of my “boys” leaned over to hug me and to call me his favorite teacher. I returned the hug and called him my favorite student. A listener pointed out that I say that to most of my students, and my “boy” and I agreed that I do because almost all of them really are my favorites.

I guess I could count on one hand the very few who slipped a notch or two and who caused more than a little trouble that couldn’t really be corrected.

Hearing from those wonderful “kids” and seeing some of them almost every day surely makes life on this corner rewarding. To enter a building without thinking of anyone or anything in particular can turn into a most pleasant surprise because one or more of those “kids” will walk toward me to deliver a warm and welcome hug.

Such an event can turn a rather low mood into a most cheerful one and can let me know how fortunate I am to have had so many “kids” in my life.

Recently, one became concerned because I hadn’t answered his letter promptly and instigated a search. Even from the East Coast, he tracked me down by calling one of the neighbors to see that I was OK. Once he reached me, he listed almost all my neighbors and then went into more of my background than I knew was on the Internet.

I was very touched that he cared enough to go on such a hunt and was delighted to have a good visit with him. Obviously, he will receive a letter one of these days when his teacher gets around to tending to business.

As I hear from these wonderful people and see them around town, I just automatically stand a little taller. Many of them know how proud I am of them and how privileged I feel because we had the opportunity to share the same classrooms. To hear about their accomplishments and to listen to their life stories is one of the most pleasant experiences anyone could have.

As they talk, I can see them as the young students in those classrooms and can often recall some of their antics.

Because we have all changed just a bit through these many years, I really appreciate those who haven’t been around in a while telling me their names when they approach. Some I can still recognize immediately, but others take me a little longer, especially when we haven’t seen each other in 50 or more years.

Yes, almost all the students who landed in my classes are my favorites, and they know that as we exchange our greetings.