Area students participate in Earth Day activities

Thomas Garcia Quay County Sun

Area students participated in Earth Day learning activities at the Tucumcari Elementary’s Outdoor Classroom on Thursday.

“This is the 11th year that we have done this,” said Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Relissa Nials.

Nials, a soil conservationist, said the children learn about Earth Day in school but this day of events gives them a chance for hands-on learning.

“We want to make sure that they are exposed to agriculture and get to enjoy the outdoors,” Nials said.

The students from Tucumcari, Logan and San Jon elementary schools rotated through 10 stations, each with a different theme including soil conservation, wildlife habitats and entomology.

“I talked with the kids a little about the different type of soils in our area,” said Todd Carr, soil survey project leader.

Carr explained to the children how grass and other natural vegetation keep soil in place and prevent erosion.

The students also got a chance to build a bird’s nest, with Tish McDaniel, of the Nature Conservancy in Clovis.

“We used sticks, mud and string to build the nest,” said Micah Abarca, a Logan fourth-grader.