Acting principal quits

By QCS Staff

Acting Tucumcari High School principal Jack Burch resigned effective Thursday, according to Assistant Superintendent Dennis Roch.

Roch said Burch, turned in his resignation at the end of Thursday’s school day.

“Mr. Burch brought a lot of experience and guidance to Tucumcari Schools during his time here,” Roch said.

Roch said Burch’s employment had always been thought of as temporary. He said they have already begun to advertise for a new principal for the 2011 school year.

“Our administrative staff will cover the duties for the remaining 16 days,” Roch said. “We do not want anything to take away from the accomplishments that the students have made. Especially the seniors who are about to graduate.”

Burch, a former superintendent of Elida Schools, had been serving as the high school principal since January. He is the second principal to resign from Tucumcari High School this month.

Burch could not immediately be reached for comment.

Earlier in the month, David Castillo resigned as Tucumcari High School principal.

Castillo was on paid administrative leave since Nov. 11, following allegations of administrative misconduct.

School officials declined to provide details about the alleged misconduct.

Roch would not say specifically whether Castillo will remain on paid leave until June 16, citing personnel matters.

Castillo could not be reached for comment.