ENMU raises tuition

By Argen Duncan: Freedom New Mexico

The Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents voted Tuesday to increase tuition and fees at all three of its campuses next year.

Regents Randy Harris, Chad Lydick, Marshall Stinnett and Pauline Ponce voted Tuesday for the increases.

Student Regent Robert Wachter voted against them.

Tuition and fees at the main campus in Portales will rise 9.8 percent, or $174 per semester, for undergraduates from New Mexico. Tuition and fees for out-of-state undergraduates will also rise to $174 per semester, an increase is 3.83 percent.

Tuition and fees for graduate students will increase $186 per semester for in-state (9.39 percent) and out-of-state students (3.92 percent).

“Our percentage increase appears it’s going to be the highest (among four-year universities in the state), but our dollar amount is going to be the third lowest,” said Scott Smart, vice president for business affairs.

A little more than half of the additional money generated will be sent back to the state, he said. The rest goes to balance the university’s budget.

Gamble said with the increases, ENMU would also have the third-lowest tuition and fees among the 79 four-year universities in the Southwest.

At the Ruidoso campus, tuition went up 8.8 percent, all of which will go back to the state, said ENMU-Ruidoso President Clayton Alred.

For the Roswell campus, tuition increased by 9 percent. ENMU-R Vice President of Business Affairs Eric Johnston-Ortiz said the increase offset the 9-percent tuition credit required by the Legislature for two-year colleges.

A tuition credit requires universities to raise their tuition in order to balance their budgets.