Health care law still under attack

The recently passed health reform law is still being attacked by those wanting to retain the status quo. This attack is conducted by misrepresenting the content of the law, its costs and who will pay for it.

What we don’t hear from conservatives is why it was needed in the first place.

Here are some facts:

• The old system was the most expensive in the world and would bankrupt our country if it were not changed. Our system was ranked 37th by the World Health Organization.

• Despite the cost, we have millions that are uninsured, thousands die every year due to no insurance and we have the only country where this exists.

• Insurance companies pick who they want to insure, cancel coverage if the policy holder gets very sick and premiums become unaffordable to vast numbers of people.

• The administrative, “red tape” burden was the highest in the world.

We often read about how this bill is unpopular with the public. Some of this dissatisfaction comes from people who think it should have covered a lot more.

A lot of the dislike is due to the public being swamped by deliberate disinformation backed by conservatives.

The Congressional Budget Office says the law will reduce the deficit. Most of the cost of the plan will be borne by people earning in excess of $250,000 per year. Some insurance companies are already changing their ways due to the law.