Teacher uses newspaper as educational tool

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Heather Massey wants her third-grade students to know what’s going on around town. So she uses the Quay County Sun to help teach them.

Her efforts have led to her selection as the county’s Newspapers in Education teacher of the year.

“The newspapers help the students to stay informed about current affairs in their community,” said Massey, who teaches at Tucumcari Elementary School.

One of the activities the class uses the paper for is called who, what, where and when, Massey said. She said a story from the paper is selected and the students must identify the different parts.

“This is a great activity for the student to learn from,” Massey said. “They must read the story to understand what is happening.”

A teacher is selected as the NIE teacher of the year based on how they use the newspaper in their curriculum during the school year, said Lynn Berry, NIE coordinator.

“What impressed me about Heather Massey is she used the paper to teach the importance and value of community and reading,” Berry said.

Massey said she uses the papers for grammar projects. She said she will have the students identify nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.

“This is a great tool, which helps the students with their English studies,” Massey said.

“The students enjoy working with Mrs. Massey. In fact I do not know of a student who has not loved being in her class,” said Tonya Hodges, TES principal.

“She is an excellent teacher,” Hodges said. “The children respond and interact with her well.”