Memorial Day chance to remember loved ones

By Lynn Moncus: Comments from the Canyons

As we approach Memorial Day, we need to recognize what two Quay County natives did recently to be sure that all graves are marked in the Hudson Cemetery. Duane Moore and Marvin Nials took the time to place crosses at all the unmarked graves they were aware of in that cemetery. They felt the time had most definitely come to mark them before they were forgotten. They are aware that all too much of our history has already be lost and wanted to do their share to help preserve as much as they could on that site.

Many of us stop to wander through rural cemeteries in our county and wonder just how many unmarked graves we are walking over. Most of us don’t even know how many such cemeteries we have in our county, but we know of quite a few and are aware that some are well taken care of because the communities in which they lie are still populated and because people who have relatives buried in even some of the most remote ones choose to visit annually to see that some care is given to the grounds and markers.

Most of the cemeteries were listed by an active genealogical society during the latter part of last century and that list was placed at the public library. Of course, the list included the names on all the markers that could be read. That was a great help to those interested in finding the burial plots for relatives of our early pioneers.

We have heard of a number of lone graves throughout our county, and some of those have been marked, such as the one across from Lynn Hudson’s home on Highway 209. Others have remained unmarked and have become lost in the pastures and fields. Even some of the smaller cemeteries returned to nature fairly early on because the settlers moved on and no one chose to tend the sites.

Although we are aware that Memorial Day formerly Decoration Day, came about to remember our veterans, it has since become a day during which we remember all our relatives and friends and place flowers on their graves if we so choose. It is a special day, and we are very pleased that the two gentlemen from Hudson chose to help us find the unmarked graves in that cemetery. Let’s enjoy the memories of our loved ones and show our respect for those who gave their lives for our country.