Cage fighting added to Mother Road Rally

Organizers have put together a two-day schedule of events including cage fighting for the seventh annual Mother Road Rally in Tucumcari.

“We decided to try something new this year with the cage fighting,” said Melissa Foster, president, MRR board of directors.

Foster said on Wednesday most, if-not-all of the ringside seats are sold.

She said the fights are being produced by Que Loco Cage Fighting of Albuquerque.

The card features 17 fights but is subject to change, she said.

Foster said holding a two-day event gives the people traveling to Tucumcari for the annual affair more time to take in the surrounding sites.

“For this year’s poker run we are planning on holding stops in Logan and Conchas,” Foster said. “This will give them an opportunity for a nice ride. It will also give the rider a chance to see some of the attractions in our area.”
Foster said the rally is a tradition held each year to promote travelers to visit Tucumcari and boost the local economy. She said it also provides events for local residents.

“It takes a lot of time to plan and successfully run an event like this,” Foster said. “We are all volunteers