Gathering to honor ‘spirit of the west’

Special to QCS

The Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering is taking nominations for the Buck Ramsey Heritage Award to be presented on Sept. 25 at the annual gathering. The award is given to an individual, family or ranch that reflects the “Spirit of the West”.

Heritage is defined as “Something handed down from one’s ancestors or the past as a culture or a tradition passed on to a later generation”.

Some of the criteria and guidelines for choosing a recipient are from the following:

• Someone from northeast New Mexico or northwest Texas

• Family homesteaded in the area

• Long-term commitment or active participation in ranching and livestock industry

• Has retained many “cowboy” or “western” traditions and cultures

• Multi-generation involvement in ranching

• Community involvement

• Neighborly

• Agriculture producer

• Responsible in part for rangeland improvement

The Buck Ramsey Heritage Award has been donated by the First National Bank of New Mexico. Previous award recipients are Melvin Keith of Nara Visa, I. V. (Vince) Crisp of Clayton, Bill Parman of Amistad, Clyde Shepherd of Channing, TX, the Bravo Ranch and James and Renee’ Rinestine of Nara Visa, Harry Hopson of Bueyeros, and Clifford and Barbara Copeland of Amistad/Nara Visa.

Nominations should be made in story form, depicting the qualifications for the award. Previous nominations will be considered and additional information would be beneficial. Please send biography to the Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering, 9061 Quay Rd R or Drawer 6, Nara Visa, New Mexico 88430 by July 1.