Sometimes, ‘Thank you’ is all you can say

By Lynn Moncus: QCS Columnist

Kathryn Stephenson, a Quay County native, invited this woman from lma to spend a few days with her at her home in Edmond, Okla. You may recall that she has invited me at other times and that we have had some great experiences as we have explored her surroundings.

During this visit, she invited me to be her guest at the annual banquet for Phi Beta Kappa Association of Oklahoma City When she proffered that invitation, I was stunned as I had never even dreamed that I would have the opportunity to attend such an event. After all, Phi Beta Kappa is the most outstanding honor society in our land in that it recognizes people of high scholastic distinction in our American universities. Founded in 1776, it has a roll call of the most intelligent people in our land.

Well, you can just imagine how this woman from lma felt as we entered the formal setting at the Oklahoma City County Club and proceeded to the beautifully served banquet. Just trying to avoid embarrassing Mrs. Stephenson kept me sitting at attention. Of course, all the people at our table were friendly and easy to be around. I don’t think they were aware that I was from another level on our planet because I attempted to learn by listening.

The program was especially interesting as the speakers were lively and outstanding in their specialties. The main speaker, Erwin Chemerinsky, Founding Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law from The University of California, Irvine School of Law, certainly captured the attention of the members and guests as he spoke so beautifully and intelligently without being pontifical.

I tried to explain to my dear friend what a great privilege she gave me by including me as her guest. Obviously, I could never have attended such an event without her invitation because attendance is limited to members and their guests. I realize how fortunate I am to have such a friend, not only because she made that experience possible, but because she is such a special person in the lives of many of us who remain in her home county.

How does one even begin to thank a friend for such an opportunity? Well, “Thank you,” will have to do, dear friend, for that opportunity and for the entire visit which was so pleasant and relaxing.