Fire department inspects fireworks stands

Thomas Garcia

When celebrating our nation’s Independence Day many of us gather together at dark for a fireworks display.

While many attend a city- or county-orchestrated event, many enthusiasts take matters into our own hands.

People purchase these loud and colorful statements of patriotism from a fireworks stand.

While some planning goes into the type of show you want to put on not much thought goes into the actual purchase. You go to the stand pick what you want and pay them money, the rest is up to you.

However, those stands that are selling the fireworks must follow state and county guidelines when selling the fireworks.

“Firework stands are inspected for the safety of the customer and seller,” said Kalon Lafferty, deputy fire chief, Tucumcari Volunteer Fire Department.

Lafferty inspected Mr. W Fireworks stand Friday in Tucumcari. He followed a checklist of items, which included inspection of fireworks to determine if they are properly stored and legal.

The checklist also indicated a few requirements which stand operator Kathy Aragon was not aware of.

“Parking is not allowed within 25 feet of a portable structure,” Lafferty told Aragon.

Aragon said she would get some post and string to mark off the area. She said this was her first year operating a fireworks stand.

“I am thankful they came out to help us set the stand up right,” Aragon said.

Aragon said she is operating the stand along with members of the DOE chapter of the BPO Elks Lodge in Tucumcari.

“We decided to try selling fireworks this year to raise money for local causes,” Aragon said.

Aragon said the money that is raised from the fireworks sales will go towards the organizations Christmas, Hospice and Hospital donations.