Letter to the editor: Weakening government control lead to crises

The recent editorial “Government no good at dealing with catastrophes” is the usual approach used by conservative organizations such as Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and, in New Mexico, the Rio Grande Foundation to promote their ideology in a situation regardless of the facts.

The contention is that government can do nothing right and all the rules and government interference is the problem. This thinking has been bought into by both parties since Reagan.

Lessons learned from the ’29 crash were forgotten. Laws governing the financial section of our economy were canceled, relaxed or not enforced. The governmental agencies that were supposed to enforce regulations were headed up by people who did not believe in the laws they were in charge of enforcing. This was rampant during the Bush administration.

Relaxing rules on the financial industry gave us the worldwide financial crisis. Putting figure heads in enforcement agencies gave us the oil spill. Both are products of the “government is bad” attitude.

The editorial refers to the carbon market as fake. The “contrived economically punitive cap and trade system” is designed to reduce carbon emissions, which drives global warming, something that Cato, Heritage and AEI profess not to believe in because it goes against the status quo.

It is amusing the gulf states called on “big government” for help instead of some anti-government organization or the “free market.”