Living an abundant life not a sin

Leonard Lauriault

One Sunday many years ago, our songleader came along introducing himself as if he were running for office as “John Doe — Democrat.”

He often did fun things like that. As he went by, and keeping in mind that this was at church, I wondered how I’d describe myself religiously.

I decided it should be something like: “Leonard Lauriault — Conservative when necessary, but liberal at every opportunity.”

About that same time, I heard a preacher say that Christians who weren’t living life on the edge were taking up too much space.

Sometimes I might seem a little over the edge to some people, partially because my occupation delves into the possibilities of unconventional thought in regard to improving agricultural production.

More and more we’re going to have to find out what happens if we do something a little different and possibly radical to better gain dominion over the earth so that our basic needs can continue to be met as the population increases (Genesis 1: 26-30; 9: 1-3).

Looking at life from beyond the edge took us to the moon after it saved humankind from the flood in a boat built in the desert, possibly before it ever rained (Genesis 2: 4-10) and that’s the outlook God had in saving us from death by death (1 Corinthians 1: 18-32; Romans 6: 3-11; John 11: 25, 26).

Many people think the Christian life keeps them from doing things to feel good, but God’s rules give us a self-esteem that frees us to not feel pressured into doing things to feel good that actually make us feel worse because of the negative consequences like hangovers, jail time, and guilt (Proverbs 23: 20, 21, 29-35).

Christians need not feel guilty for avoiding the problems others face because of sin. That self-esteem also allows us to enjoy doing whatever we know is right (John 13: 1-5).

Others are so afraid of offending God and dying in sin that they’re afraid to live the abundant life (John 10: 10). God spells out exactly what falls into the category of sin (1 John 3: 4; Romans 7: 7; 4: 15; 5: 12-14; 13: 1-14 — yes, it is sinful to break any of man’s laws that don’t require us to break God’s law; and so far there’s no law in the USA requiring us to violate one of God’s laws).

Anyway, because God is specific about sin, we can enjoy our sin-free lives doing whatever is beneficial to others and honors him (1 Corinthians 6: 12-20; 10: 23, 24; 1 Peter 2: 16).

I enjoy living a little over the edge without using my freedom as a coverup for evil. To do that one must realize the freedom he has in Christ Jesus, which only comes by familiarity with God’s laws under the new covenant (1 Corinthians 9: 19-21; James 1: 22-25; 2: 12).

Let’s get ready to have some real fun and enjoy an outlook that will take us to heaven!