Rattler reunion keeps alumni ‘forever young’

Lynn Moncus

This is a special week for Tucumcari Rattler Alumni and friends because the Rattler Reunion Annual has been mailed. We are in for quite a treat because our annual publication is now in a different format — much like that of The Yucca.

Although this issue contains fewer pictures than in the past, it tells the story of the 2009 Rattler Reunion and provides the necessary information for the 2010 Rattler Reunion. You will be surprised to receive such a colorful and professional publication. It provides an opportunity for us to relive last year’s experiences and to look forward to this year’s. Of course, it begins by telling us that we will be holding the reunion during the first weekend in August — August 5, 6, and 7.

The Class of 1980 will be hosting the gathering and is featured with their senior pictures, thus setting the stage for their major collective activity since that final year at THS. The schedule of events remains much as it has been in the past and can be found immediately upon opening the annual. We see that we can now pay separately for various events in case we don’t want to pay the full registration fee. We also need to note that if we don’t pay that fee, we must be sure to pay $5 for the next publication.

Through the years, many people have been privileged to help prepare our publication and know a little about the amount of work required. Even those of us who have not worked on that project have been aware of some of the work and have most definitely appreciated the results. To the former students and teachers this publication represents the continuity that has made our reunion special. It has kept us in touch with each other, whether or not we were able to attend and has continued to make us proud of our alma mater.

We are told that interest is waning as the years pass, but those of us who hear from friends elsewhere feel that the need to keep our reunion going for a while longer remains strong. Because so many changes are taking place around us, some of us feel that we need something to look forward to more than ever. We know that each reunion is special in keeping us together and in making us aware that we still have a home to return to.

After you receive your Rattler Reunion Annual, you may wish to thank the board members for their efforts to keep us informed about the activities and to give us so much to look forward to. As you turn to the last page of the annual, you will note that the host class is not afraid to close the publication with the blessing by Bob Dylan.

Because of our reunions, we have remained “forever young.”