Letter to the editor: Price hike in line with economy

The editorial “Privat-izing mail delivery could save the post office” is a part of the ongoing effort to try to discredit the government.

The proposed stamp price increase is used to support the contention that the post office is an inefficient bloated bureaucracy.

The increase of the price of stamps to 46 cents would be a 24 percent increase in six years, the editorial states. In comparing price increases in small figures it is more effective to use percentages instead of a monetary amount. The 24 percent increase sounds outrageous — but it is 9 cents.

Has the price of a cup of coffee gone up 24 percent in six years? A bag of popcorn? A quart of oil? A soft drink? A six pack?

Comparisons show that conservatives are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

The editorial quotes a Cato Institute representative saying “Only government would raise prices and reduce service.” Flown or been to the hospital lately? The chances of getting an unbiased evaluation from Cato Institute is slim to none.

The editorial refers to “bloated government bureaucracy.” The best and largest example of a “bloated bureaucracy” is our private health-care system.