Facebook essential for organizers

Thomas Garcia

Rattler Reunion organizers used a technological edge in coordinating and inviting fellow alumni to this year’s events.

Each year in August, Tucumcari is the site of a grand homecoming where Tucumcari High School alumni spanning 50 years gather for their Rattler Reunion.

In the past, a register and mailing list has been used to keep track and invite more than 3,500 alumni each year.

However, reunion organizer Pam Clark has turned to Facebook to make contact with her fellow classmates.

“We have been able to find a lot of our former classmates on Facebook,” Clark said with a laugh. “With computers it has become easier to keep in contact and find people with e-mail and social networking websites.”

Clark said many of the alumni have not jumped on the digital bandwagon, which means “snail mail” is still a large resource.

Clark and the members of the Class of 1980 are hosting the reunion this year. Each year the duty of hosting the reunion falls on the class celebrating their 30-year reunion.

“The theme for this year’s reunion is ‘Forever Young, Forever Rattler’,” Clark said.

Clark said the theme was a collaborative effort from the class looking to capture the idea of good times and good people.

“The main part of any reunion is getting together with friends and family,” Clark said. “We all look forward to this event each year.”

Fellow 1980 graduate Elizabeth Morris said she has registered for the reunion and donated money in the past but has not attended.

“This will be the first reunion I attend in 20 years,” Morris said. “I am looking forward to seeing so many of my friends.”

During past reunions each THS class was assigned a different room at the Tucumcari Convention Center to gather in and catch up. Clark said this year the classes will all be set up in the main hall.

“We are at the reunion to visit and be around one another,” Clark said. “We cannot do that if we are separated by rooms.”

Clark said each class attending will have a section of the main hall to decorate with their class’ colors, photos, banner and other items.

“We are looking to bring everyone together,” Clark said. “We will celebrate our pride as Rattlers.”