Alumni reunion more like family gathering

Lynn Moncus

Where else could we spend a weekend amid hundreds of friends? Some of us have the notion that Rattler Reunion is unique because it is such a large gathering and because it seems like a gigantic family reunion. From Thursday evening until late Saturday night we spent our time visiting with each other.

Often we hadn’t seen each other in more than 50 years, but we picked up our conversations as though we had been together throughout the years. As an alumna, I certainly enjoyed the hours spent with classmates from 1952. Our laughter was just as spontaneous during the weekend as it had been so long ago.

We spent much time talking about our memories of our many years together in Tucumcari schools and had great fun recalling some of our antics. As a former teacher, I was doubly privileged to meet and greet so many former students. One, Bruce White, helped to break me into teaching in 1955 at Forrest and kept working to help me when we both moved to Tucumcari. I saw a number of students who were in those first classes here in the fall of 1956 and was so pleased that they seemed to remember their English teacher.

Many of the newest Golden Rattlers from the Class of 1960 were in those English classes and brought back many wonderful memories of our experiences together. The Host Class of 1980 surely did a great job of seeing that we “remain forever young,” and saw that we had an outstanding weekend.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank Pam Clark for publishing the Rattler Annual and for all her efforts to see that all went well. This alumna most definitely wants to thank the reunion board for honoring me during the program at the banquet. They certainly surprised me by calling me to the podium to present me with a beautiful plaque laminated with one of these columns about the Rattlers.

Martin Encinias-Angel most graciously made that presentation and caused me to be more speechless than usual. What an honor to be recognized! Now we have another year in which to recall the new memories collected during the last weekend, and more time in which to make plans for another great gathering of Tucumcari Rattlers. Until then, let’s just keep standing tall and being proud of our heritage.