Crews completing work on Tucumcari High School

By Thomas Garcia

Quay County Sun

Gerald Martin and Pacheco Construction crews were preparing the high school for the start of the 2010-2011 school year on Monday.

Tuesday afternoon crews were busy completing construction on the parking lot at Tucumcari High School.

“We will be open on Monday,” said Superintendent Aaron McKinney.

McKinney said he has met with the bus transportation supervisor and has mapped out where the students will be dropped off and routed for classes.

“It is going to take a few weeks but we will get it down,” McKinney said.

As a result of the ongoing construction, registration for high school classes was moved to the elementary gym.

Parents and students gathered in the gym at tables to register. Richard Thompson was there as his daughter Megan Thompson registered for her senior year.

“I’m glad to see that she made it, and is almost done,” Thompson said. “One more year and hopefully she will be off in college.”

Megan said she was used to the process of registration, however, it being her senior year made it special.

“I am so excited,” Megan said. “I am looking forward to competing in FFA one last year.”

“Being off-site is just a temporary problem,” said high school Principal Nicole Bright-Lesly.

Lesly said on Monday it will be business as usual at Tucumcari High. She said there may be a bit of chaos but everything is on schedule.

Bright-Lesly replaces Jack Birch as principal following his resignation in May. She has taught at Tucumcari schools for 15 years.

“Mr. McKinney decided the best course of action was to promote from within,” Bright-Lesly said. “I am familiar with the system that has been in place at the school.