Gardening results worth effort

Lynn Moncus

For those of us who enjoy fresh produce, this is a special time of the year. This is the season during which we savor the real tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables, knowing we won’t have that opportunity again for another year unless whe know where a few greenhouses are located.

Of course, having friends who take the time to plant gardens surely makes us appreciate their efforts as well as their friendship. When one hands us some freshly picked tomatoes, we are always overjoyed even though we know we cannot being to repay them for such gifts. Varieties of fresh squash cause us to recall the many recipes we can use to prepare taste treats. Crisp cucumbers just naturally send our tastebuds into action, and we can hardly wait to peal and slice them. Well, why slice that first one, when we can just munch on it?

Some of us have not been priveleged to eat freshly dug potatoes in a very long time. A friend brought me some recently and caused me to pause as I gazed at them. for one thing, they still had some of the soil on them, lettting me know they had not traveled around the world to get here. When I pealed one of them, I could hardly believe the difference in texture, odor and taste. Needless to say, I prepared my own little feast and dared myself to get carried away to the point of burning them in that iron skillet.

Various kinds of melons are now beginning to ripen and to give us those wonderful taste sensations. What can be a better treat than a chilled melon for desert?

Who really needs to heat the kitchen to do any baking at this time of year when we can have fresh melons or fresh peaches to polish off our meals?

We could go on listing the varieties of fresh vegetables we have in our area, but we needn’t because each of us has our favorites, and we are ready to go forth to find some of them. Those who are still in the canning or freezing mode are very busy preparing for the winter as they store jars and freezer packages. Can’t you tast those jellies and preserves as they are cooling?

We are very fortunate to have this season and to be able to enjoy the many benefits it provides. Of course, we are more fortunate to have the friends who share their wealth as they add pleasure to our lives. Many of us know the work that goes into gardening because we were privileged to have those experiences as we grew up. We remember going out in the early morning to pick beans, to hoe or pull weeds, and to water those gardens unless we had rain the night before. The work was hard, but the results were worth all the effort!