Work continues at high school

Thomas Garcia

As construction continues at Tucumcari High School, seniors are reminded of their first days at Tucumcari public schools.

“We were the first class to start kindergarten at the new elementary on Eleventh Street,” said Chris Arias, THS senior.

Arias said it seemed a little fitting he and his classmates would start and end school at Tucumcari in a new building.

“I think they must really like us,” Arias said laughing. “This is a great school, the students coming up will really enjoy what our school administration has done.”

On Monday crews continued to work on sections of the parking lot and surrounding buildings at Tucumcari High School.

“Despite the appearance and the continuing construction it is business as usual at Tucumcari High,” said Nicole Bright-Lesly, principal.

Bright-Lesly said after a week of classes the transition between C-Hall and the newest addition of the high school has gone well.

“It has not been complete chaos like I thought it would be,” said Natalie Nieto, THS senior. “The new building has a lot of good things, like a cafeteria. Oh, and I cannot forget having locker number one.”

Nieto said the classrooms in the new building include new furnishings and an electronic smart board.

“We used them in math last year,” Nieto said. “They are great.”

The electronic smart boards are also being used in Logan Municipal Schools.

“Last year some of the classrooms were outfitted with the new smart boards,” said Garry Miller, principal. “This year every classroom has one installed.”

On Monday the seventh grade math class was working on problems as teacher Teressa Bruhn wrote the answer on the board with a special pen.

“We can adjust graphs, diagrams and formulas right on screen,” Bruhn said. “If we have another problem with a similar formula there is no need to erase. We simply adjust the formula on screen for the correct answer.”

Bruhn said another key feature is the “Interwrite Mobi” wireless pad. She said the pad allows a teacher or student to move around the classroom and continue to operate the smart board at the front of the classroom.

“I can be helping a student at their desk and use the pad to illustrate to the entire class what I am doing to help solve the problem,” Bruhn said.

The journalism class at Logan High School will be using the new smart board to completely design the yearbook.

“It is such a great tool,” said Colleen Kulback, journalism teacher. “The students have already uploaded photos and text fonts to use for the yearbook.”

Kulback said some of her students have already used the board and will help the newer students get used to the system.

“The boards literally make it easier for us to learn,” said Adrian Franco, junior. “There is a function where a teacher can take the page of the text book put it up on the board and show us exactly what they are talking about.”