Rising, shining not always so simple

Russell Anglin

As I awoke to cars zooming by my intersection, dogs yelping and the sun infiltrating my bedroom window, I realized once again that I am not a huge fan of mornings.

Tucumcari certainly is, though. The 8 o’ clock hour seems to be one of the busiest along the major streets, and everybody seems so wide-eyed and alert as you make your way through your morning routines. You are all like a patch of wild flowers, rising and falling to the circadian rhythms of sun and moon alternating.

How did you all learn to do that?

The process does not come so easily for me. My mornings are more like a semi-conscious zombie shuffle to the nearest convenience store to get my large coffee and inhale it as quickly as possible. Then, I might stretch my arms out a little bit. I am usually happy by the time I get to work to find out I somehow managed to dress myself in my morning daze without putting my head through the right sleeve of my shirt.

My mom loves the mornings and rushes to get there before everyone else does. At 6 a.m., she is normally awake, sipping coffee and reading a book or watching something on TV. She says it gives her time to relax before the daily grind. I always thought that’s what sleep was for.

Albert Einstein was supposed to have demanded 10 hours of sleep every night, which sounds like a pretty reasonable amount to me. The problem with that sleep regimen is I would have to get to bed at 10 every night in order to wake up refreshed at 8 the next morning. The only real way to do this would be to cut any mid-evening naps and stay awake all day, my alertness presumably bolstered by profound thoughts on the relativity of time and the universe. If I could travel through space at the speed of light I could take advantage of Einstein’s relativity and get tons of extra Zs in without anyone on Earth noticing.

Maybe at some point I will find an agreeable sleep cycle where I can wake up feeling brighter than the sun and still feel ready to go to sleep at night. In the meantime, my coffee finally kicked in, so I know I’ll be pulling through today. Here’s to making it to bed by 10 tonight. Y’all wish me luck.