Car trouble complicates schedule

Russell Anglin

In this constantly fluctuating world, we are all required to step out of our comfort zones from time to time and meet unforeseen challenges. I was made aware of this life fact all over again late Sunday night when I discovered my car would not start.

My reliance upon my car is pretty remarkable. As a reporter, I have to get places to meet people, record them and take pictures and video of them. I also have to get places to get coffee so I can do all of the things I previously mentioned. I pretty much have to have my car or I am a sitting and walking duck.

Thad Patterson, my step dad and our family’s resident expert on all things technical from cars to computers, told me my car’s starter was likely the source of the problem and advised that I look into getting it repaired and possibly replaced. No small feat on a Sunday night for someone who had to ask his neighbor where the starter in his car was actually located.

Of course, the morning after my car does not start is the morning everything decides to happen in Tucumcari. A nice lady called me a few minutes after I completed my walk to work to tell me about a group of people who were filming a Route 66 documentary in town for one day only. That could have been a great photo and story opportunity, but I was stuck across town without a ride. My anxiousness mounted as the hours pressed on and I waited for a mechanic to evaluate my pitiful situation.

Finally, in the middle of the afternoon, Keith with Autosmith whacked my starter with a wrench while I turned the ignition. The car started, and I was relieved. I would have been slightly more gratified if I was the one who beat the starter, though. That would have proved a pretty therapeutic exercise.

And life went on from there. I was able to resume my usual reporting rounds and I found that the world did indeed keep turning while I was stranded at the office for a few hours, so there were still things to cover. Luckily, this town has been full of activity in the last few days.

So here’s to rolling with the punches, Tucumcari. May you each brave the little slings and arrows that may try and impede your individual marches to greatness this week. Sometimes our response to adversity proves more important than the adversity itself when we persevere.

And if we don’t persevere, we can always take wrenches and beat our cars with them.