Autumn’s arrival brings beauty to area

Lynn Moncus

During some years, our seasons change so abruptly that we are almost unaware of just what happened to fall or spring. This year, we are fortunate enough to see the coming of autumn and to appreciate the various changes. Of course, we could have a sudden frost any time and be forced to miss many of the colors.

Just watching the changes in the pastures during the last few weeks has been a most pleasant experience. Although the grass isn’t quite as tall as it was last year, it is fairly well developed, and as it has headed out, the green has faded into a golden brown. Obviously, the cows are enjoying grazing because they aren’t having to spend a lot of time walking in order to get their fill. We see them by the water tanks and lying around in the pastures as if they are enjoying their surroundings as much as we are.

Many of the wild flowers that bloom in the fall are in various shades of yellow.

We are watching the last of the sunflowers and seeing more of the new blooms of more delicate flowers. Although turpentine weeds are major annoyances in the pastures, they surely add their bright yellow blooms and show off much during the fall. Ranchers have fought them for years and have certainly thinned them out, but they still take up a lot of space that could be filled with grass. There are plenty to be used as brooms in the event anyone is interested in returning to the days of the dirt-floored dugout. Many of the early pioneers called those weeds broom weeds for a good reason.

If you choose to wander around the canyons, you will begin to note the changing of the leaves from green to the brilliant yellows and showy reds. We may not have as many trees to show off as do the mountainous areas, but we have enough to let us appreciate the changing colors.

In the event we want to see more colors, we have but to drive only an hour or so to be in the mountains and to be among the trees. Day trips are pleasant at this time of year as the weather is still warm enough for us to take picnic lunches and to do plenty of walking as we admire the scenery in the high country.

Let’s take time to enjoy this season and to appreciate the surrounding beauty. In no time at all, the cold temperatures will take some of the pleasure out of our walks in the country. We will be complaining about it as we have complained about the heat during the last few months. Despite the fluctuations, the beauty of nature remains in our county.