Comments from the Canyons: State rivalry contests bring back memories

Lynn Moncus

A number of us in this area are either Lobo or Aggie fans and have enjoyed the competition through the years. We certainly had to have our senses of humor intact

last week when the football game was advertised nationally as a “pillow fight.” Several of us enjoyed some laughter as we talked about our teams and mentioned that they are both in the bottom ten in the nation.

Those of us who are Aggies are a little more accustomed to being among the lesser teams, but the Lobo fans are a bit more sophisticated and don’t really like to be classed with us. Our rivalry has kept us in close contact with each other as we have won or lost during the years. Actually, we Aggies have lost more football games to them than they have to us, but we have had just as much fun as fans.

Most of you are aware that I am not a major sports fan and have many suggestions as to better ways of spending money than on most of the sports. Great buildings could be built each year for what is paid out in a couple of salaries. Many students could have full scholarships if only one salary became available. The salaries are even minor when compared to the amount of money spent on the teams and connected activities. Of course, I am told that the games are more important than are any thoughts of education as they are what brings each university major advertising. I guess that is to be considered, but I can’t think many students would rush to be members of the crowds at the stadiums of two teams in the bottom ten in the nation.

Yes, the sense of humor has to be sretched a bit each year as this Aggie reads about the games we play and the money we spend. As an undergraduate, I was obligated to attend each football game because I was in the band. We even went to Albuquerque to perform at half time, but I was never really excited about the games. I couldn’t count that high as the scores against us mounted and often became bored after the first play of the game.

At any rate, I can be a proud Aggie this year as we won the pillow fight and areslightly above the Lobos in the bottom ten! “Aggies, Oh, Aggies! The hills send back the cry!”