County commissioners suspend Ute Lake Ranch subdivision plat

Thomas Garcia

Quay County commissioners approved the development of one Ute Lake subdivision while halting another Tuesday.

Following the recommendation of Quay County Manager Richard Primrose the commission suspended Ute Lake Ranch’s subdivision plat.

“The suspension can be lifted at any time,” said commission chair Franklin McCasland. “The developers must first meet the requirements set by this commission.”

The requirements McCasland mentioned were developing a new disclosure statement and providing potable water and telephone lines without additional cost.

The 18 complaints were filed against Ute Lake Ranch developers by landowners due to a lack of potable water and telephone lines on the property purchased.

“The owners cannot get a loan to build their homes because they do not have water,” McCasland said.

McCasland said the complaints were first heard at a regular commission meeting on June 11.

“We told them to put their complaints in writing and submit them to the Quay County manager, Richard Primrose,” McCasland said. “Upon receiving the complaints, Richard began an investigation.”

Primrose said he reviewed information during his investigation and requested information which was not provided by Ute Lake Ranch.

“During my investigation I requested documents from Ute Lake Ranch Officials,” Primrose said during the meeting. “I received detailed paperwork, much of the documentation I already had. I did not receive the information I requested.”

Before the commission made its ruling, Ute Lake Ranch developer Barry Freedman and Ute Lake Ranch attorney Robert Mcalister asked to address the commission.

Mcalister said Freedman had not denied any information to Primrose. He said all the requested information had been sent to him.

“We have even brought new material which we feel Mr. Primrose should review before making a decision,” Mcalister said.

Mcalister argued that by suspending the plat the commission would endanger the value of the properties at Ute Lake Ranch. He said the commission would hinder the only major economic development in this area in the past 15 years.

“I have personally invested 13 years in Quay County,” Freedman said. “I feel I am the single most contributing factor in development in Quay County.”

The commission voted to table their decision and enter into an executive session to review the information provided by Mcalister.

Once out of executive session, the commission voted to suspend the plat.

Literally just on the other side of the hill, the 12 Shores at Ute Lake Ranch resort’s request for a replat was approved by the commission.

Warren Frost addressed the commission on 12 Shores’ behalf. He told the commission the replat would affect 12 lots in the subdivision.

Frost said the 12 lots will be split into 24 lots made up of duplex houses set up on fractional ownership.

“The original plan was to sell homes,” Frost said. “That has become difficult with how the economy has been.”

Frost said this option will expand the offer of ownership out to the public. He said the plan will not affect the water or sewer restrictions and requirements set in place.

“In the future there may be further units developed like this,” Frost said. “It is all dependent on the success of this action.”