Comments from the Canyons: Candidates with ‘personal touch’ appealing

Lynn Moncus

By this time of year, most of us are becoming a little tired of listening to and

watching politicians bashing each other. As we watch their behavior, we wonder if we really want them to represent us in any office, but we have to remember that freedom of speech allows them to speak with “forked tongues” and to use all sorts of creative ways to call each other names. ‘Tis amazing how much they think they are getting by with and how little attention many people pay to their rantings and ravings.

One habit that has bothered this woman from Ima is the “dress code” many of the

runners display. Perhaps they think they are really one of us if they dress “down” to the middle and lower classes of society. I get more excited when any of those dudes decide to play the role of a Southwesterner and don hats, boots, Levi’s, and western shirts. In the event one decides to ride in on a horse, I really want to head in the opposite direction.

Only Southwesterners can wear the above attire properly, and greenhorns should just stay with their origins. Often, the clowns think they know exactly how to take

off their hats, but they don’t even know how to put them on properly. Just watch one walking in a pair of new boots and then ask him to run. We won’t even talk about how they wear the other items because we don’t want to give away any real secrets which they might pick up. Of course, they really can’t do that because they need a lifetime to develop the ability to wear such apparel.

Most of us appreciate being asked to vote for candidates and are more apt to

give them some consideration if they ask us personally That surely isn’t always

possible because of time and travel, but any kind of personal touch can surely get our attention. We know we aren’t apt to see candidates for national offices out here in the sticks, but we do expect to see some of those running for state and all of those running for county offices.

The old timers in these parts are more apt to vote for a local candidate if that

candidate takes the time to speak when met on the street. Even when such candidates are unopposed, we like to give votes of confidence when we know they care enough to recognize their local constituents.

Let’s all do our duty by voting and hope we can relax for a few days after the

election is over before the next battles begin. We can also hope that some of the future candidates will learn the manners of the past and will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen if they really want our votes.