Comments from the Canyons: Holiday catologues were fun to look through

Lynn Moncus

No doubt, you have noticed the increase in the number of catalogues you receive each week now that we are supposed to be thinking of the holidays. With each trip to the mailbox, many of us carry an armload of those publications and wonder where we are going to put the latest batch.

Of course, we could put them into the round file immediately, but most of us choose to look though them to see what is available in the outside world. Once in a great while, we may even decide to order an item or two. The problem with ordering, however, is that we may have to return some of the items, thus causing more tension than is necessary. Especially if we order clothing items, we run the risk of having to make a U-turn to the post office.

The number of food catalogues seems to increase each year. They offer enticing goodies and make us want to sample some of the products. We may hesitate to send any of those items directly to people on our gift list because we aren’t sure of the quality. That then causes us to order such items for ourselves, thus increasing our spending several times over and adding a few extra pounds to our bodies. Being able to send fresh fruits, meats, and newly baked pies gives us a chance to show our love and to be reasonably sure the recipients will enjoy something good to eat.

Some of us can remember when we received one or two catalogues only- the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogues. Their arrival was a great occasion because we would spend several days passing it around the table and wishing we could order some of the items. Those “wish books” really gave us a glimpse of the outside world and let us know what items were available in the event we should ever leave those canyons. Rarely, would we order from those catalogues, but we surely enjoyed thinking about the items we would like to have. On occasion, our parents might decide to order something special for each of us, and that was a great day. The anticipation of the arrival of the order was almost as much fun as was the arrival itself.

We usually had to wait several weeks for the delivery, and those weeks went by slowly. When we would be ready to give up, we would go to the store one day after the mail had arrived and find that we had a package or two to carry home. The excitement was great as we gathered around for the unpacking ceremony. Now, we just grab a package as it arrives, rip off the wrapper, and glance at the contents without the real pleasure we once knew.

Let’s just enjoy looking at the collections we receive today and think about the fun we used to have browsing through those two large catalogues!