Letter to the editor: Cemetery needs city attention

Cemetery needs city attention

This letter is written to express our concern over the management of our cemetery, Tucumcari Memorial Park. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Tucumcari and have many family members and friends buried in Tucumcari Memorial Park. For as long as we can remember, 50-plus years, we have always been able to decorate the graves of our loved ones.

In visiting with the superintendent of the parks, cemetery and recreation, we were told we could put artificial flowers on the headstone, but not on the grave because it interfered with the mowing. So the past two weeks we made sure all of our flowers were in their vases on the headstone. But much to our dismay, all $80 worth of flowers were in the trash by the next day.

The superintendent says the city has chosen to enforce the 2002 updated Ordinance 973. But in reading the ordinance, it only mentions “potted flowers, plants, summer wreaths or baskets on lots or graves” are not allowed except during the six designated holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Christmas) for a length of 10 days each time. It does not mention or disallow artificial flowers displayed on a headstone or in a headstone vase.

We have always had a beautiful cemetery but for the last two to three years it looks as if no one cares about watering or mowing. We drive by our cemetery three or four times a day as we go to and from town and see no activity except when there is a funeral.

We would like to see the city manager or city commission address this issue at their next meeting on Thursday, Oct. 28. If there are other people who are concerned about our cemetery, please attend this meeting at 6 p.m. to give the city commission your input.