Martinez defeats Denish

QCSun Staff

Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez has defeated Lt. Gov Diane Denish to become New Mexico’s first female governor. According to the state secretary of state’s website, Martinez claimed 53% of the vote while Denish claimed 46%. The results were still unofficial at 1 a.m. Wednesday.

In a statement on her website, Martinez thanked her supporters and promised to serve the interests of the state as governor.

“Thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in me. I will work every day to make a difference and deliver bold change to New Mexico,” Martinez posted online.

Denish addressed voters in a concession speech and on her website late Tuesday night.

“We have come up short but I hold my head high, and you should too. The voters, here and across the country, responding to economic and political forces have chosen a different direction.

I truly believe we would have been the more effective change agent, but as sometimes happens in politics the other side came out on top,” Denish’s website read.