Comments from the Canyons: Woman from Ida enjoys friend’s company

Lynn Moncus

Rarely does a day pass that this woman from Ima isn’t pleased to be living in Quay County.

As usual, Aggie and I took our Sunday afternoon drive and walk in the country. When we were returning to town, we stopped to watch a donkey and horse and to take a few pictures of them.

A car slowed, stopped, and a woman got out and began walking toward us. Yes, Betty White had seen us admiring hers and Jack’s animals and decided she would stop to do a little visiting. As we talked, we were both aware of the surrounding beauty in Quay Valley and discussed it while watching the animals. Of course, we talked about the beauty of the mesas, especially Mesa Redondo which we were facing. Obviously, we were two lovers of the land as we admired it and just visited about various subjects.

Betty had just been to the Quay Cemetery, and we discussed how beautiful that area is. She had been there to check on the flags to be sure they were still in place after Veterans Day. I told her how much I had enjoyed seeing them the Sunday before and on the day during which we were visiting. We also chatted about the many flowers that remain there all year. She explained that her husband mows the grass at the cemetery and also places the flags. She is treasurer of the organization and takes care of whatever needs to be done. We were both much aware of our traditions and of the need to keep them going.

She told me about other roads Aggie and I could drive on in the area and spoke about several places we might like to see. As we were about to return to our cars, we saw a truck turning off the highway onto one of those roads. The driver stopped long enough to be sure we weren’t having car trouble. Betty pointed out that people still look after each other in rural communities, thus giving us a chance to feel reasonably safe as we wander around in our county.

Rarely do I visit with anyone on our Sunday trips, and I was most pleased that Betty chose to stop to visit and to introduce me to the two beautiful animals. She now knows that those animals and I have visited through the years, and when they have been close to the fence in other areas, we have exchanged warmer greetings. She told me they would be even happier to visit with me were I to carry some cake in my pocket.

Well, I no longer have need for large sacks of cake, but I’m going to try to remember to buy a box of sugar cubes. They also help us make good friends with various animals.

Mrs. White surely added a note of cheer to our afternoon and made me even more proud to be a part of this land.