Comments from the Canyons: Cherished friend celebrates birthday

Lynn Moncus

Last Saturday, Mrs. Lucille Coleman was honored by her daughters, Nancy and Sandra, with a surprise party to celebrate her 94th birthday at the Convention Center. This woman from lma was privileged to be invited and to spend time visiting with many friends.

Mrs. Coleman is one of the treasures of our county and has many stories to tell about our history. She has amassed much knowledge during all these years and is most generous in sharing with friends and relatives. Because we tend to speak the same language and are proud to be from our rural backgrounds, she and I have great visits as we meet each other in passing. One or the other will begin a story and be joined by a similar story from another area of our county. She and Sandra spend much time taking day trips in our state and are eager to share their descriptions of the beauty they see. We may see them at breakfast one morning and learn they have taken a tour to Eagle Nest and Environs the day before. They may even be considering their next trip as we visit. They often take a picnic lunch along and spend time outside the car admiring the scenery and absorbing the beauty.

Watching Mrs. Coleman at her party was a major treat because she greeted each of us as if we were as special to her as she is to us. She rarely sat because she would see someone she needed to talk to and just circulated throughout the room, enjoying being among her friends and relatives. Laughter followed her wherever she went, and her eyes sparkled each time she thought of another word or two to say.

Watching her eyes surely lets the observer know that she has a wonderful sense of humor and that she is about to tease the listener just a bit. That sense of humor has seen her through a life that has had some difficult times as well as some wonderful occasions. Her smile is contagious, and her laughter is appealing. She always approaches with a smile and a glint in her eyes, making us wonder what she is thinking and what she will be telling us.

Those of us who call Mrs. Coleman our friend are most fortunate to know she returns that friendship. She makes us aware of the great life we have in our Quay County and of the wonderful people of pioneer stock who have made our county what it is. Thank you, my friend, for being you!