FCCLA holds middle school food drive

The Tucumcari Middle School chapter of Family Career and Community Leaders of America has just finished its annual thanksgiving food drive. The middle school FCCLA sponsor, Mrs. Lamm, is very proud of how well the students responded, as they brought in 1,057 items to be donated to the Ministry of Hope. The FCCLA chapter runs a competition between classes at the middle school to see which class can bring in the most items, and offers prizes to the winning classes. This year’s winning class will get pizza, popcorn and a movie provided by FCCLA, while the second-place class will get popcorn and a movie and the third-place class will get a movie.

Mrs. Bilbrey’s class won the competition this year with 268 items. Mrs. Lamm’s class won second place in the competition with 230 items. Mr. Klinger’s and Mr. Olivo’s classes tied for third. All of the students were very generous and should be congratulated.